Courses Offered

Pre University Course – PUC

T. M. Shetty Memorial Independent Pre-University College Dharwad
Recognised by
Government of Karnatak

Pre University Education in Karnataka is two years course. It is equivalent to the eleventh & twelth standards prevaling in CBSE & ICSE and other state boards.

Qualification for Admission to the Two year Pre-University Course

Candidates who possess the following minimum educational qualifications shall be eligible for admission to the Karnataks two year Pre-University course. They should have passed

  • The Karnataka Secondary School Leaving Certificate Examination(S.S.L.C).


  • Any other examination recognized by the department of pre-University education, Karnataka as equivalent to the Karnataka S.S.L.C examination, for purposes of admission to the pre-University course.
  • Candidates coming from outside the country shall be admitted to the pre-University course only on the production of a provisional elligibility certificate issued by the department.

Courses of Study

The courses of study leading to the two year PUC examination shall comprise part 1,part 1 includes languages. Part 2 includes core subjects.

Every PUC student has to study two languages under part 1 & four subjects under part 2. The candidates shall select, under part 1, any two of the following languages one of should an Indian language.

Part 1

  1. Kannada.
  2. English.
  3. Hindi.
  4. Sanskrit

Part 2

There are three streams under Part 2. they are Humanities, Commerce & Science. A candidate has the option to choose any stream, provided that for selecting science & mathematics as subjects in PUC the candidate has studied general science & mathematics as the subjects in qualifying examination.

Different combination prescribed under the three streams are as follows.


  1. Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology
  2. Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer Science


  1. Economics, Accounting, Business Studies & Statistics
  2. Economics, Accounting, Business Studies & History/Statistics


  1. History, Economics, Sociology & Political science

For 2nd PUC Public Examination

Admission to 2nd PUC Examination shall be be open to candidates who have passed 1st year PUC Examination, completed the prescribed course of study in the corresponding year, secured the minimum attendance prescribed under the regulations, shown satisfactory progress and displayed satisfactory conduct as certified by the head of the institution.

Candidates appearing for 2nd PUC public examination shall obtain a certificate from the head of the institution that the student has passed 1st year PUC examination, without such certificate a candidate will not be permitted to take the public examination at the end of 2nd year.

The Scheme of Examination & Duration:
The scheme of examination, the minimum and maximum marks, duration of the examination and the time schedules will be as follows.

Examinations When to be held? Duration and Maximum Marks
1. Quarterly test Third week of August 90 Mins for Each Subject for Maximum marks of 35 in case of Non-Practical subject and 50 of subjects involving practical
2. Mid-Term examination First week of December 3 hours for each subject for a Maximum marks of 70 Marks & for Non Practical 100 Marks.
3. 2nd Quarterly test for First Yr PUC only First week of February 90 Mins for each subject for maximum marks of 35 & for Non Practical 50 Marks.
4. Preperatory Exams for Second Yr PUC only Third week of February 3 hrs for each subject for maximum marks of 70 & & for Non Practical 100 Marks.
5. Annual Examination 1st PUC March 3 hrs for each subject for a maximum marks of 70 (Practical Examination for 30 Marks)
6.Annual Examination 2nd PUC March/April In the Month of February Practical Exams will be held . 3 hrs for each subject for a maximum marks of 70 (Practical Examination for 30 Marks)

Bachelor of Commerce – B.Com

R. S. Shetty College Of Commerce
Affiliated to
Karnatak University, Dharwad

Education in Commerce is evergreen course which is designed to enable the student to enter the corporate with varied avenues for employment in Industry, Banking, Agriculture, Transportation, Communication, Insurance, Govt. and Quasi Govt offices and other nation building activities. Our Economic progress depends on the efficiency and competence of managerial services in Public Undertaking, Private Concerns, Joint Sector Ventures and Co-Operatives. The expertization in Professional subjects such as Financial Accounting, Marketing Management, Business Mathematics, Entrepreneurship Development, Managerial Economics, Costing, Secretarial Practice and so on.


To Produce up-to-date assertive and effective executives for business and other organizations, and also prepare students for higher studies in business at home & abroad.


1. Any candidate who has passed the Two Year Pre-University Examination (10+2) with science or commerce discipline conducted by the Department of Pre-University Education in Karnataka with 35% marks or any other Examination such as JOC,Diploma with 35% marks as considered equivalent there to 10+2 by the Karnatak University is eligible for admission to the B.Com course.

2. The Selection of the candidates for admission to the college will be made on the basis of merit.

Bachelor of Commerce – B.Com (Corporate Secretaryship)

R. S. Shetty College Of Commerce
Affiliated to
Karnatak University, Dharwad


B.Com(Corporate Secretaryship) is the special course that is completely different from the conventional B.Com Course, is designed to enable the students to enter the Corporate and assist them in the area of Company Law, Secretarial Practice, Financial Management, Management Information System, Cost Accounting and General Administration.

B.Com is popular Professional Commerce Degree which is the stepping stones of further higher specialization in the field of finance,company affairs and management available to young people like never before.But very few students seem to take the benefit of these things.

Karnatak University is perhaps the only University in India on date to start this unique two in one course which is a blessings in disguise for the aspirants of this area. Its a very unique course offered at our college.

The graduate student Can also pursue to postgraduate courses like C.S. (Conducted by the Institute of Company Secretaries of India(, C.A (Conducted by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India), I. C.W.A. (conducted by the Institute of cost and work Accountants of India) and C.F.A(conducted by the Institute of Certified Financial Analysts of India).

Eligibility For Admission To B.Com(CS) Course:

* Any Candidate who has passed the Two Year Pre-University Examination with Science or Commerce discipline conducted by the Department of Pre-University Education in Karnataka with 35% marks

* Or any other Examination such as JOC, Diploma with 35% marks as considered equivalent there to 10+2 by the Karnatak University is eligible for admission to the B.Com Course.

Bachelor Of Computer Application [BCA]

Rukmini Shetty Memorial Sudhakar Shetty B.C.A. College
Affiliated to
Karnatak University, Dharwad


The Three Year Under Graduate Bachelor of Computer Application program trains students in state-of-the-art computer technology. The emphasis is on helping students learn the theory and apply it successfully in developing information systems.

The B.C.A program aims at developing to face challanges in IT (Information- Technology) and ITES(Information Technology Enabled Services) Students are trained to design and implement information systems that enhance organizational and financial functions,and value to existing products or customers,provide new products,enhance or add to distribution channels or enhance decision making.

Success in this field requires an ongoing commitment to learning new knowledge, acquiring new skills and developing new attitudes.

The B.C.A Graduates students can also pursue to post-graduation courses like MCA, MBA and/or other professional courses.

The basic purpose of the B.C.A program is to create breed of professionals trained in.
Scheme & Syllabus of study & Examination for B.C.A degree:


* There shall be five-theory paper and two-practical each carrying 100 marks (80+20) from 1-5 (first to fifth) semester

* For the Final Sixth semester, There shall be five theory papers and one project work during this semester instead of two practical subjects.

* The Project Work shall be Carried out either independently or jointly –
(Maximum of Two Students).


* At the End of each Semester there shall be University Examination of Three Hours duration in each of the theory paper/practical carrying 80 marks.

* Internal Assessment (IA) carrying 20 marks in each of theory paper/practical shall be based on the performance of the students in two written tests of one hour duration.

* No Minimum marks for passing is required in Internal Assessments.

* At the End of the Sixth Semester each student shall have to submit the completed Project Report

* The evolution of this Report shall be Certified by Internal and External Guide and Duly Signed by the Principal / Chairman / Head / Course Co-coordinator.

* The Project Report shall be evaluated by Two Examiners for 200 marks and Viva shall carry 100 marks.


Any candidate who has passed the Two Year Pre-University Examination (10+2) with Science / Commerce discipline conducted by the Department of Pre-University Education in Karnataka with 35% Marks or any other Examination such as Job Oriented Course (JOC), Diploma with 35% Marks as Considered Equivalent there to 10+2 by the Karnatak University is eligible for admission to the B.C.A course.

Debt Recovery Agents Training – DRA

Oral Coaching Centre for IIBF Mumbai

Our institution is accredited by The Indian Institute of Banking and Finance Mumbai to impart 100 hrs Training Programme on”Certificate Examination in Debt Recovery Agents” for the Nationalized and other commercial and scheduled banks.

This course aims:
* The improve functional knowledge in the areas of banking products, policies, processes and procedures.
* To develop competence and soft skills for collection through fair practices.

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Post Graduation Courses Offered


Master of Commerce
Affiliated to
Karnatak University, Dharwad

Popularly known as M.Com is a Post-Graduate programme for the students who completed their Graduation in Commerce. The Master of Commerce typically requires two years of full-time study. The syllabus is concentrated on one subject area such as Accounting, Business Management, Corporate Governance, Finance, Human Resource Management, Actuarial Science, Economics, Statistics and Marketing or Supply Chain Management. M.Com degree serves as a basis for further advanced studies in areas such as Ph.D. and M.Phil degree in Commerce. Students have the opportunity to select their specialized subject in the final year in any one field of commerce such as Taxation, Statistic, Marketing, Banking, Accounting & Finance and Insurance etc. Study of M.Com Post Graduation Degree will help the students to acquire in depth knowledge in Commerce, Management and Economics as a whole.

Advantages or Benefits of Master of Commerce Degree

  • M.Com Master Degree serves as a foundation for further Advanced Studies and Research in this area such as Ph.D. and M.Phil. Degree in Commerce.
  • M.Com graduates can choose for further advanced studies and career in different specializations of Commerce such as in Statistics, Taxation, Accounting & Finance, Banking, Insurance etc.
  • M.Com graduates can choose research job in different fields of India’s national security problems including the international relations, geostrategic, geopolitical, socio-economic, tactical aspects of war, etc.
  • Commerce enables a Master’s graduates for a wide range of careers dealing with the flow of money, from accountant to investment banker, money manager to personal finance consultant.
  • After Master’s degree in Commerce, a student can apply for the UGC-NET or JRF exam. After these exams, they can go for teaching or research area.

General Instructions about M.Com Course

Eligibility for the course:

  1. A candidate who has passed Three Years Under Graduate Programme in Commerce from any UGC recognized University is Eligible to take admission for M.Com
  2. The students from other Universities Except Karnatak University, Dharwad should produce Eligibility Certificate from Karnatak University, Dharwad before taking their admission for M.Com.
  3. Any Non–Commerce students are not eligible to take admission to M.Com.

Seats :

University Quota : 15

Management Quota : 15

Total : 30

Duration of the Course :

The duration of the M.Com course ( Semester System ) shall be of two academic years consisting of two semesters in each academic year and each semester shall have a minimum of 16 weeks of instructional work. However the candidate shall complete his/her PG within six years from the date of admission to the first semester of the degree course. No candidate shall be permitted to appear for the examination after the prescribed maximum period as specified by the University guidelines.

Medium of Instructions :

The medium of instruction shall be in English as well as Kannada for the benefit of rural students.

Scheme of Examination :

The University shall conduct the examination after the conclusion of every semester. The composition of Theory/Practical and IA for each paper shall be 80% and 20% of marks respectively. The examination shall be conducted by the University at the end of each semester during the month of Nov/Dec for Odd semesters and in the month of April/May for even semesters.

Internal Assessment :

Each paper of 100 marks shall carry 20 marks IA . Out of the 20 marks , 10 shall be for the semester Internal tests and remaining 10 shall be for assignments / class records / skill developments.

In each semester two internal tests shall be conducted for the award of IA marks and each of one hour duration for a maximum of 20 marks reduced to 10 marks later. The average of two tests for 10 marks shall be taken into account as final IA marks.


A Student shall attend not less that 75 %of the total number of classes (including theory and Practical ) actually held in each semester. The shortage of attendance of those students who have attended 65% and above but less than 75% may be condoned by the University on the payment of condonation fee as prescribed by the University from time to time.

If a student represents his / her Institution / University / Karnataka State / Nation in Sports / NCC / NSS / Cultural or any other officially sponsored activities , he/she shall be permitted to claim attendance for actual number of days participated , subject to a maximum of 20 days in a semester based on the recommendation of the Head of the Institution concerned.

College Campus:

The college is located adjacent to the Hubli-Dharwad highway near KMF with ample bus facilities . The campus is free from noice and air pollution and also it is located far away from traffic hazards. The campus is filled with greenary and fresh air which create a good environment for the students to study and gain knowledge.

The class rooms, Computer lab and Auditorium are spacious having natural lighting facility and are well ventilated.

Teaching Staff :

The College is having a very good and result oriented teaching staff that are well qualified and experienced. Every effort will be made to take personal care of the students. Lecturers are available for the students after college hours for clearing their subject related queries. Apart from academics the teaching staff also encourage the students for extra curricular activities like sports & various cultural events.


The college has a spacious and voluminous library with good collection of reference books and study materials along with National & international Journals and general knowledge books. The students are provided with a reading room where they can prepare for their studies. A special section has also provided for the students who are preparing for competitive and professional courses like CA , CS ,ICWAI and Banking related entrance examination.

Computer Laboratory :

The college is having a very well equipped computer laboratory with computers connected to broadband internet . The computer lab is having all the latest updated softwares as recommended by Karnatak University for commerce colleges.

Ladies Room :

The college is having a separate ladies room for girl students with attached toilet and bathroom, where they can take rest & have privacy.

Play Ground and Sports :

As physical activities are also important for the development of the students the college is having a big playground for outdoor sports like cricket, volleyball, throwball , football , badminton court , etc…. and indoor games like Table Tennis, carom, chess , etc…..


The college is having a auditorium with a capacity of 300 students where academic activities like seminars, workshops , etc and cultural activities are conducted. It is fully equipped with modern digital display, lighting and sound system equipments. All college functions and academic programmes will be conducted here.

Hostel Facility:

The college is having a three storied Boys hostel with 25 rooms. The hostel is located just behind the college. All rooms are having cots & beds along with attached toilet and bathrooms with hot water facility. The hostel is having a mess where in fresh food is prepared for the inmates. Purified drinking water is provided. The hostel is maintained by a warden and the students have to follow the rules of the hostel to maintain discipline.

Girl students will be accommodated in PGs (Paying Guests) very near to the college and all care will be taken regarding their safety, food and other facilities.


Our college gives utmost importance to the development of character among the students and expects them to be of good conduct both inside and outside the college, and to be worthy of highest standard of behaviour individually and collectively in our national life. Kindness, helpfulness & tolerance are virtues which they are particularly advised to cultivate.

Placement / Skill Development Cell :

The college is having a Placement cell where in the students will be assisted to get jobs after completing their Post Graduation. Campus interviews are conducted for final semester students by prominent banking organisations and corporates. Along with placements, Skill development activities are conducted to improve the communication and presentation skills so as to make the students industry ready. Industrial tours will be organised for students to give exposure to them about the live environment in industries. The college is having a very good placement record for the past 13 years.

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