College Library


College library located on the College campus caters to the needs of students and faculty of the college. It is aimed at increasing the student and faculty success by providing print, online and other information. Computers with access to library resources are available. More than 50,000 reference books are available here. A good number of science journals is subscribed to In-house reference, Home lending, Internet browsing are some of the facilities extended to the students. Apart from main library, it has department libraries also. Library is kept open between 8 pm throughout the year except on holidays.

Library Details.

  • No. of volumes : 60622, G.GRANT - 57994, SC/ST – 230, GIFT-704
  • No. of titles: 22350
  • Total carpet area:4734sq.ft
  • Seating capacity:250+
  • Magazines:25
  • Journals:40
  • Users:1800
  • Total no. of books perchesed this year:578
  • Total amount spent this year:107580=00rs.
  • Magzine and journals amount spent this year:36645=00
  • Reference:2350
  • Total staff:05
  • Aoutomation:e-lib spftware with opac and barcoding.
  • Internet:10 multimedia computer systems with networking and band -256MBPS
  • Others:planning for online journals by N-List and digital library connected with GUG
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